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Hybrid Piano

November 11th, 2008 Jon No comments

Sarah Nicolls

I am currently looking at ways to combine a piano with elements of different interfaces, to enable fully interactive control of electronics whilst playing the instrument normally and on the strings/soundboard/body. I currently use icube sensors and MIDI, serial-driven & FFT-responsive motors. It is in constant development.

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October 16th, 2008 Jon No comments

Peter Davies: inventor, melodic table concept, hardware design
Jim Wills: software, electronics, mechanical solutions, menu system

Sonome is a keyboard whose keys are arranged in a honeycomb lattice with a symmetrical note arrangement, the Melodic Table, where each axis of the grid produces a sequence following a specific musical interval and chords are formed by specific cluster shapes. Enables identical fingering patterns for all 12 keys. Produced in the form of a 5.3 octave 192 note fully polyphonic MIDI controller with the whole range accessible either of both hands.

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Many Hands

September 24th, 2008 Jon No comments

Bob Gluck

Many Hands” is a series of software interfaces that allow a pianist to shape the unfolding of a range of electronic music resources ­ sounds, processes, events and electronic instruments and devices ­ in response to that pianist’s playing. The software interprets data about real-time performance ­ how fast is the playing, how dense are the chords or clusters, how long are melodic phrases, relative rhythmic steadiness, and basic harmonic analysis. The basic data from which this more complex information is calculated ­ which note is being played at what volume level ­ is generated by use of a piano data-tracking device (Yamaha Disklavier or a conventional acoustic piano fitted with a Moog PianoBar). It is this data that is used by the “Many Hands” software interface to calculate more complex information that can be used to expand the nature of piano performance.

Many Hands piano analysis

Piano performance analysis in "Many Hands" interface, designed with Max/MSP

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Les Ondes Memorielles

August 25th, 2008 Jon No comments

Stefan Tiedje describes Les Ondes Memorielles as —
It’s a software (Max/MSP) controlled by a normal fader box and keyboard, and other assignable controllers, which allows to play a memory of the sounds heard before. It will play back the memory modified though (pitched, stretched, with rythms and melodies).

The real time control is the essential part, as its intended to imrovise the playback of the memory…

A memory of sound, which consists of a delay line with 8 taps and 8 buffers. All with a maximum duration of 90 seconds. Each tap has a pitch shift, a feedback and na additional send. Pitches can be controlled with a keyboard and/or an algorithmic process…

Continuum Fingerboard

August 25th, 2008 Jon No comments

Lippold Haken: inventer, builder, programmer

The Continuum Fingerboard is a MIDI / Firewire performance controller that resembles a traditional polyphonic 88 note MIDI keyboard in that it is approximately the same size, however the Continuum offers realtime continuous control in three directions for every finger that is placed on the playing surface. The Continuum is compatible with any MIDI synthesizer, sound module, or sequencer.


August 22nd, 2008 Jon No comments

Steve Boyer: sole designer, builder, software and electronics engineer

The Trichord is a keyboard styled interface exploring visual and spatial relationships between notes of the chromatic scale. 

Steve Boyer writes —
The Trichord is a keyboard instrument with keys arranged in a hexagonal pattern in order to emphasize harmonic relationships of 5ths and 3rds. The instrument is a keyboard with keys laid out in a hexagonal pattern. The relationship between the keys is such that triangles represent triads. An upward facing triangle is a major third and a downward facing triangle is a minor triad.

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