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Alternate MIDI controllers at Deviant Synth

August 27th, 2008 Jon No comments

A list of alternate MIDI controllers from Deviant Synth.

Alternate MIDI controllers that are reasonably priced are very difficult to find. The piano-keyboard paradigm has such a death grip on electronic synthesis, it’s embarrassing. This is electronics; the control system is arbitrary and can take any form. But you can’t buy “any form”.

I am always looking for an easier gadget to play riffs on. Having not been tortured with piano lessons in childhood, my preference is for something new.
Deviant Synth admin.

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Futuristic Music Design at Create Digital Music

August 27th, 2008 Jon No comments

The entries for the Futuristic Music Design Challenge held in April 2008 are listed at create digital music.

The projects include the Bubblegum Sequencer, The Box custom hardware with colored lights + Reaktor ensemble, the surface-temperature tangible interface table Weather Report, the strange polygonal Kromatron wireless instrumental interface, the Thimbletron gloves-as-samplers with lab coated performers project, the bicycle wheel and analog tape Looping Pedal, the computer-powered musical saw WaveSaw, the 28-string just-intoned microtonal casmolyra, the turntablist custom software ammoBox and the GrooveStep DS pattern maker.

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Experimental Music Instruments

August 27th, 2008 Jon No comments

EMI ))) (Experimental Music Instruments) is a group of engineers, composers and sound artist emitting experimental particles through strange artefacts called instruments.

The site also includes a number of copyleft circuits designed by EMI ))).

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