Eigenharp Alpha

October 23rd, 2009 Garth No comments

An Interesting new interface with a lot of possibilities and functionality Eigenharp Alpha Details A professional level instrument which allows the musician to play and improvise using a limitless range of sounds with virtuoso skill. The unique design of the keys makes this the most expressive electronic musical instrument ever made. The Alpha can play and record loops, change scale and key, transpose, alter tempo, program beats, create arrangements, switch and layer multiple sounds, all while the musician is performing live on stage. Available in a variety of finishes, it has 120 highly sensitive keys, 12 percussion keys, 2 strip controllers, a breath pipe and numerous pedal inputs. This gives almost endless possibilities for flexible keyboard layouts, fast instrument switching and expressive musical control. The comprehensive software system provides a wealth of musical performance features, including playback of its own native instruments, many common software plugins, soundfonts or midi instruments. The Alpha requires a Mac computer to run. What’s in the box? Eigenharp Alpha Eigenharp Pro case by Hiscox. Product Activation card for website support and tutorial materials. Breath pipe. Two mouthpieces. Leather strap. Eigenharp Base Station. 6M Alpha to Base Station connecting cable. 3M Base Station to computer USB2 connecting cable. Eigenlabs laptop/Base Station and cables carry bag. Eigenlabs 8GB USB stick with latest install software Macintosh and getting started tutorials.

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ISA Harp

June 15th, 2009 Jon No comments

Peter Sych

1.2m X 1.2m aluminium frame with a grid of focused infrared beams intersecting at the right angles. Every beam or every intersection individually programmable by means of supplied software utility. Playing is accomlished by moving hands or any other part of the body within the frame of the instrument.

Communication protocol: MIDI or/and USB.

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With Hidden Noises

June 15th, 2009 Jon No comments

Holland Hopson

With Hidden Noises is a replica of Marcel Duchamp’s sculpture “A Bruit Secret”. The instrument is made of a ball of twine sandwiched between engraved brass plates. Two x-y accelerometers and three tilt switches are inside the ball of twine. A MaxMSP program converts gestures into sound.

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March 30th, 2009 Jon No comments

Bert Schiettecatte

AudioCubes are a modular live performance instrument that let you shape sound, create music and perform live through hands-on interaction with wireless intelligent objects.

AudioCubes offer new ways to interact with your existing audio software, beyond what is possible with classic knob boxes and trigger pads. They can be used for simple filter sweeps as well as infinitely complex setups in which the musical information they generate will depend on how the objects interact with each other and with their user.

Multiple users’ AudioCubes talk to each other wirelessly without complicated setup. High-speed, high-resolution, better-than-MIDI sensor technology makes sure even the most subtle performance gestures are captured.

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March 30th, 2009 Jon No comments

Rui Pereira

TuISt (Transformable uber Interface for Stardom) is an emotionally driven interface taking on our inner desires and fantasies of instantaneously becoming superstars (and momentarily living under the skin of our idols) and on our instinctive imitation of the musical performers gestures as expressions of sounds. Tuist is a multi-instrument interface based on a single object with minimal gesture input surfaces and various modes of use through different positioning and orientation towards the user’s body. Multi-track gesture recording and playback/loop features also enable for multi-arrangement and composition by allowing the user to record and interact with his own performances in time. Its objective was the development of an intuitive and playful interface for novices, capable of providing explorayory interactions in an enjoyable experience inspired by our significant mimicking gestures of ‘real’ musicians and our private ambitions of creating music.

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Silent Drum Controller

February 17th, 2009 Jon No comments

Jaime Oliver – general concept, technical design, programming
Matthew Jenkins – concept, design

The Silent Drum Controller is a transparent drum shell with an elastic head. As one presses it, the head deforms and a variety of shapes with peaks are created reflecting the shape of the hand. These shapes are captured by a video camera that sends these images to the computer, which analyzes them and outputs the tracked parameters.

These variables are sent to a mapping / score-control system. Through several discrete gestures the performers gestures control the progression through an internal score, which is in charge of moving between different mappings, while the continuous gestures shape the sounds themselves.

For more information on technical specs see ICMC Proceedings 2008 – Oliver, Jaime & Jenkins, Matthew


February 3rd, 2009 Jon No comments

The monome is an interface sharing many similarities with the Tenori-On. It consist of a reconfigurable grid of backlit keypads which connects to a computer. Interaction between the keys and lights is determined by the application running on the computer. There is no hard-wired functionality.

The monome is made available in limited edition releases. There are currently three sizes — two fifty six (16×16), one twenty eight (16×8), and sixty four (8×8). 

tehn with two fifty six from tehn on Vimeo.

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January 29th, 2009 Jon No comments

Machinecollective.org are developing a set of prototyping modules targeted at researchers, artists, musicians, teachers, circuitbenders and performers. They are designed for people requiring quality controls, quick assembly and a flexible, modular project enclosure.

Prototyping modules are available in a wide range of configurations featuring many standard control surface components such as pots, sliders, backlit buttons and switches. Less common components such as lcd modules, touchscreen (x/y pad) and various patchbays are also available. The following picture shows our final prototypes.

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January 27th, 2009 Jon No comments

Ziv Bar Ilan: Founder / Designer

Zoybar is a modular hardware platform for creating custom electric string instruments and effects.

Ziv writes — “The basic Zoybar kits enable you to assemble a variety of electric string instruments that could be mounted with different sound effects. The Zoybar components provide research and development tools as a sustainable, playable prototype platform. The same modular parts can be assembled as different instruments, can be change during the performance and also be mounted with numerous special effects, just by adding and changing their position across the profile groves.

Zoybar.net is a co-creation community inspired to develop and create innovative music instruments and effects in an open platform environment. Every new effect or feature that would be created by an independent developer could become relevant to the whole Zoybar users and community. Almost any application can be easily attached to the Zoybar platform, just by adding and changing its position across the profile groves with common bolts and screws.

Zoybar Kaoss Pad Guitar

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Polhemus Isotrak

January 27th, 2009 Jon No comments

George Logemann uses the Polhemus Corp Isotrak — a six-dimensional spatial “joystick” that operates over a hemisphere of about five feet in diameter. George writes that the Isotrak provides “flexibility over a realstic human expression space and a significant number of dimensions available to communicate gestures”.

Polhemus Isotrak

Polhemus Isotrak

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