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The Tooka is a two person flute. The current version of the Tooka uses two identical sections of hollow flexible tube connected together with a plastic connector to form one continuous tube. At each end is a mouth-piece made from a connector, four buttons and a pressure sensor. The tube’s outside and inside diameters are 1.25” and 1”, respectively, providing a fairly high compliance. When assembled, the Tooka measures 86cm long. Attached to one side is a bend sensor, which responds to flexing of the tube. An air pressure sensor in the center measures the air pressure inside the tube. Blue velvet coverings and black tape on all the wires were added by one of the musicians to improve the visual and tactile aesthetics for the performers. The sensors control an external, wired MIDI synthesizer.


Sid Fels: designer, technician
Graeme McCaig: technician
Florian Vogt: technician

Tooka Diagram