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The Composers’ Playpen

The The Composers’ Playpen is a Max/MSP program which enables very sophisticated MIDI control of existing synthesizers, sound modules, and samplers.

Originally inspired by “M” and “Jam Factory”, it builds on these seminal programs by offering many more ways and different approaches of manipulating note and chordal material. It uses a collection of single-track sequences and MIDI loops as its basic units. Once these are recorded, they are manipulated in many ways, some never before seen in programs of this nature. There is opportunity to keep everything completely live, or to save some or all of the material for future performance.

The Composers’ Playpen, therefore, has the advantage of using an elegant Max/MSP program for unique and comprehensive areas of control while maintaining utilization of any existing MIDI synthesizers or samplers. As such, it will not make existing setups obsolete, but rather will enhance them.

The Composers’ Playpen: Main Screen Shot
The Composers’ Playpen: Audio Processor Window