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Clavisound Remapping of MIDI instruments to modify predefined sound parameters on any subtractive “analog” VST...
Continuum Fingerboard The Continuum Fingerboard is a MIDI / Firewire performance controller that resembles a traditional polyphonic... Continuum Fingerboard
Daisyphone Daisyphone is a collaborative, distributed musical instrument focussing on short loops. Daisyphone
Digital Ventriloquized Actor (DIVA) DIVAs are portable speech/song/facial synthesis systems that allow the user to move about and perform on stage and...
DIMPLE DIMPLE is a Dynamically Interactive Musically PhysicaL Environment. DIMPLE is software for 3-DOF and 6-DOF force...
Eigenharp Alpha An Interesting new interface with a lot of possibilities and functionality Eigenharp Alpha Details A professional level... Eigenharp Alpha
eMIC The eMIC (Extended Mic Stand Interface Controller) is an interface designed for vocal performers it consists of a... eMIC
eShofar eShofar1 (2001 – 2005) is held by the right hand, enclosed within an I-Cube sensor glove. Finger movements upon...
Fake Radio Fake Radio, an interface holding a PIC microcontroller, with 6 channels of continous control parameters and 6 channels... Fake Radio
GeoGraphy GeoGraphy is a formal system for the algorithmic control of sound organization. GeoGraphy