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Zoybar is a modular hardware platform for creating custom electric string instruments and effects.

The basic Zoybar kits enable you to assemble a variety of electric string instruments that could be mounted with different sound effects. The Zoybar components provide research and development tools as a sustainable, playable prototype platform. The same modular parts can be assembled as different instruments, can be change during the performance and also be mounted with numerous special effects, just by adding and changing their position across the profile groves. is a co-creation community inspired to develop and create innovative music instruments and effects in an open platform environment. Every new effect or feature that would be created by an independent developer could become relevant to the whole Zoybar users and community. Almost any application can be easily attached to the Zoybar platform, just by adding and changing its position across the profile groves with common bolts and screws.


Ziv Bar Ilan: Founder / Designer

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